Beam2 SE
No headphone jack? No problem. This awesome little DAC/amp has you covered.
Beam2 Cable
From now on, Beam2 will enable the new accessories in the picture, and the USB-A data cable will be changed to USB-A to USB-C female.
質感的提升-Audirect Beam 2 隨身 DAC 耳擴
質感的提升-Audirect Beam 2 隨身 DAC 耳擴
歌布林之森 篇九十七:超前独享MQA好声音,简评Hilidac Beam
歌布林之森 篇九十七:超前独享MQA好声音,简评Hilidac Beam2便携式解码耳放
HIFI 篇六十九:一发入魂,Audirect BEAM2手机耳放线听感
HIFI 篇六十九:一发入魂,Audirect BEAM2手机耳放线听感报告
review for Beam2
口袋里的一抹猩红好声音!Hilidac Beam 2代 便携外置音频解码/耳放一体机
歌布林之森 篇九十四:1分钱的面积,却能直击灵魂深处!体验atom Pr
歌布林之森 篇九十四:1分钱的面积,却能直击灵魂深处!体验atom Pro小尾巴
HIFI 篇六十五:指尖精灵,Atom Pro手机Type-C解码耳放线
HIFI 篇六十五:指尖精灵,Atom Pro手机Type-C解码耳放线听感报告
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